Tuesday 3 May 2016

Premier League Bowls
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2008: Semi-finalist

LEAGUE MATCHES (first in table)

Harlow 2-0 Davies (8-1, 5-4)

Harlow 1-1 Royal (2-6, 4-3)

Thomson 0-2 Harlow (2-7, 2-9)

Foster 0-5-1.5 Harlow (4-4, 4-8)

Marshall 1-1 Harlow (4-6, 11-4)

PLAY-OFFS (first v fourth)

Harlow 0-2 Marshall (3-4, 1-5)

2009: Fifth


Foster 1-1 Harlow (6-4, 3-6)

Jackson 1-1 Harlow (2-6, 6-3)

Chisholm 0-2 Harlow (7-11, 2-7)

Burnett 2-0 Harlow (10-0, 5-3)

Marshall 2-0 Harlow (9-2, 5-2)

Greg Harlow

Nickname: Party Boy

Home town: Ely, England

Date and place of birth: Ely 6/7/68

Height: 5ft 8in

Weight: 13st 12lb

Family: Wife, two kids (Liam and Georgia) and two step girls.

Achievements in last 12 months: World Indoor Champion

Career achievements: World Indoor champion 2010, Scottish International Open champion in 2008, International Open winner three years running (2004, 2005, 2006) and Welsh Masters Champion two years running 1999, 2000.

Biggest disappointment: Losing in the English Fours in 1992 – My first national final

Ambition: To win the Premier League Bowls

Favourite player: David Bryant

Sponsors: Henselite

Hobbies: Golf and poker

Profession outside bowls: Rep for Henselite

Like about bowls: Challenge of the game, anyone can play and compete

Dislike about bowls: Bad sports

Other sports played: Cricket, golf

What would you do with the £10,000?: Treat my family and invest half

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